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Premium Environmental Services are an established water industry company that covers the UK, if you are looking for a professional company to complete your drainage needs, then please contact us now.

  • Installation and commissioning of long term telemetered sewer, potable water pressure and water meter monitoring devices.
  • The planned maintenance of the above sites within SLA deadlines.
  • Reactive emergency maintenance of sites when problems are detected usually within 24 Hours.
  • Installation and data retrieval of short term flow monitoring devices.
  • Manhole and Ancillary surveys.
  • Pump Station Surveys.
  • Impermeable Area Surveys with the results in MapInfo or AutoCAD.
  • CCTV Surveys with results in WinCan.
  • Land Surveys & 3D Ground Modelling
  • AutoCAD drawings of ancillary structures and sewer overlay drawings.
  • Sewer cleaning and tankering.