Surveying of pump stations is another service offered by PES.  The pump station survey crew are a multi-skilled team and have had many years experience at the activity within the water industry.

The pump station could range in size from a small 2 pump arrangement up to a complex multi-pump station and we are fully equipped to survey the pump station whatever the nature of the site.


We carry out as standard, land survey of the pump station layout within the compound to OS coordinates and height datum, measured surveys of dry wells, wet wells, valve chambers and if applicable floor plans with equipment details of the pump house. The draw-down tests are carried out using all combinations of pumps possible to evaluate the pump stations working efficiency along with the infill rate of the wet well after the draw-downs have taken place.  A final report is produced containing the results from the tests, plans and drawings of the assets, records of pump types and serial numbers, pump runtime data along with optional rainfall data from our own supplied local rain gauge if required over a given period of time and photos of the assets.

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